2017 Spring begins !

Well, after a cold winter in the Vermont mountains, the spring bloom is in full flow with gorgeous colors and sweet smells. What a better time for fresh and vibrant marmalades. Check out our new Awesome Lemon and Wild Mint, Lime and Coconut, Meyer Lemon and Honey, Meyer Lemon and Rose Marmalades. These are delicious zesty full bodied marmalades with fresh floral notes to compliment the beauty and freshness of Spring.

And Spring is also awesome to forage wild flowers and herbs. Wild Mint is now abundant and we have late blooming Lilac flowers. Our new syrups and shrubs (more on this soon!) are absolutely delightful. We have served in our shop a Strawberry with Wild Mint Syrup and a Strawberry with Lilac syrup. These are slightly tart and not too sweet syrups / shrubs showing off immense flavor and fragrance which nicely compliments the freshness of Spring. Very very refreshing. Full launch of the Syrups / Shrubs is coming very shortly indeed.

Local Strawberries and Gooseberries are next to come up. Check out our cooking class schedule. Please do call us if you have local berries, herbs and edible flowers. Elderflower is another flower we love foraging for and our new Goosebery and Elderflower foraged Jam is outstanding. See foraged Elderflowers and wild mint below. The Elderflower makes a wonderful infusion with Gooseberries.