Blake Hill WINS the Jam Category at 2018 SOFI !!

Another fantastic Start to 2018 - Blake Hill is honored with Winner of the highly contested Jam Category at this year's 2018 SOFI Awards for our new Meyer Lemon infused with Cardamon Marmalade. This is a very special marmalade. Melt in your mouth peel slithers. Perfect citrus / sweet balance. Intensely fragrant with a hint of warm spice. Overall a supremely elegant marmalade. 

Marmalades are a passion for us and its a two day cooking process. We craft them from fresh whole citrus fruit in the traditional English way. We slice the peel medium cut the proper way. Medium cut provides enough flavor and texture in my view for a perfect marmalade. The main body of the citrus fruit is chopped and cooked to perfection to release the full flavor and natural pectins. The flavors are bold and refreshing with a clean palate and a perfect balance between tartness and sweetness. 

The list of honors does not start with this year's SOFI GOLD Win. Actually, Blake Hill Preserves has already won SOFI SILVER and SEVEN GOLD Medals, Silver and Bronze medals at the Worldwide Marmalade Awards in England. These Awards receive over 2,500 entrants from around the world and tasting and ceremony is held at the beautiful Dalmain Mansion in Northern England. A testament to the quality of our preserves is TWO GOLD Medal wins at these Awards for our Seville Orange Marmalade which is the true British traditional marmalade. It is the first ever marmalade done by the British in the mid 17th century and a coveted prize at the Worldwide Marmalade Awards. 

Our marmalades are simply awesome with food. Going beyond your traditional accompaniment to baked goods, our marmalades are superb with hard cheeses in particular with AGED Cheddar, Gouda, Manchego or a stinky Blue. They are also awesome as a glaze over duck or chicken and tossed with grilled fish and seafood such as grilled cod, swordfish, mahi-mahi, snapper, shrimps and scallops. Try also the Persian Lime marmalade in a Mohito cocktail or Margarita !!! 

While our marmalades are traditionally made, the flavor combinations are NEW GENERATION marmalades and include exotic flavors. Try them with food as suggested above and you will be hooked forever !

Check out our Marmalade section. They include:

Seville Orange - GOLD MEDAL

Meyer Lemon and Honey - GOLD MEDAL

Orange Lime and Ginger - GOLD MEDAL

Orange and 10yr Old Scottish Whiskey - GOLD MEDAL

Spicy Orange with Chipotle and Bourbon - SILVER MEDAL

Persian Lime and Coconut - SILVER MEDAL 



ENJOY !!!!