THE SPICY PANTRY is a bold new hot & spicy spread and savory jam range that makes the simplest of dishes dazzle! 

Featuring the finest fresh chilis, including Fatalii, Fresno, Jalapeno, Habanero, Lemon Drop, and Thai chilis; craft beer and - uniquely - hops in our special spicy spread range; The Spicy Pantry comprises deliciously savory condiments for dipping, spreading, grilling and roasting - your X-factor ingredient for spicy and extremely flavorsome food!

Our range of SAVORY CHILI JAMS created for the chili connoisseur feature the finest fresh chilis, sourced from local farms when in season.  Fresno & Thai chilis, Jalapeno chilis & fresh lime, and Lemon Drop & Fatalii chilis, steeped in apple cider and spice, then cooked with just a little sugar - these savory jams contain significantly more chilis than the standard pepper jelly, and much less sugar.  Perfect for everything from a spicy Fresno chili PB&J sandwich for breakfast, to a Jalapeno glaze for swordfish, and a Lemon Drop chili glaze for chicken wings - we enjoy these jams with everything!

Our range of CRAFT BEER and HOPS SPREADS are truly one of a kind!  Creamy, spicy, and incredibly complex, these have a super high fruit / vegetable content with either no added sugar, or a very small amount.  Similar to a super thick ketchup or a mustard, these spreads have a much more intriguing flavor and are infused with local craft beer and - uniquely - complimentary hops such as Citra, Simcoe and Tettnang - possibly the first ever spreads to boldly incorporate the deliciously hoppy, tangy, citrusy flavors of the finest hops!    Pair with roast chicken enchiladas, lightly pan fried fish fillets, or with blackened eggplant - the list of possibilities is endless!

Already selling out wherever we go, we are super excited about this special new range.  Try them too to see what all the fuss is about:)