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Artisans Park

Nov 22, 2016
The Blake Hill Preserves Shop and Kitchen are delighted to be part of Artisans Park! We feel lucky to be in such good company with our fellow artisans. In our first few months of operation, it has been…

Taking a cue from Vermont’s Artisanal Cheesemakers

May 17, 2015
Living in Vermont, one comes to expect a lot from our states’ wonderful artisanal cheeses and wonder why one should not expect the same from a jar of preserves?  Cheese-making is an all-consuming passion…

Start of the Vermont Harvest Season!

May 16, 2015
Blake Hill Farm is nestled in the mountains in southern Vermont. Winters are beautiful but long and brutally cold with abundant snow. As much as I love the snowy magic of a Vermont winter, as soon as the…