"Moonlight in Vermont" Basil Blueberry Mocktail

"Moonlight in Vermont" Basil Blueberry Mocktail

Inspired by the starry skies of Vermont, a simple combination that goes a long way. Relax on a porch at night and look up while sipping this fruity delight. 

Serving Size: One drink

Club soda

Basil leaves (optional garnish)

Sprig of rosemary (optional)

Blake Hill’s Basil & Blueberry Shrub



(Optional step) Ignite the tip of the rosemary, blow it out and place the serving glass upside down over the herb so it holds the smoke inside the glass


Flip glass right side up, add one large ice cube, 2 ounces Blake Hill Basil & Blueberry Shrub, and fill with club soda to rim


Garnish with rosemary and basil, stir and serve. Cheers!


Tasty Tip: For spiked drink, add 1.5 ounces Vodka

"Moonlight in Vermont" Basil Blueberry Mocktail

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