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A great chutney is a deliciously rich condiment of fruits, vegetables, vinegar, sugar and spices. We create every chutney by hand, carefully layering in our ingredients and slow-cooking each small batch to create an intensely flavored, rich chutney with a perfect texture. It takes up to 8.5 ounces of fruit and vegetables to fill every 9.4 ounce jar!"

We have four unique chutney varieties inspired by our European and North African culinary heritage and global travels.

Our "Andalucian Apricot & Orange" chutney is inspired by the vivid Moroccan and Spanish street markets of Joe's childhood, combining apricots & fresh Valencia oranges with our own unique spice blend incl. both sweet and hot Spanish paprika to create a rich, fruity and texturally intriguing chutney. 

Our GOOD FOOD AWARDS 2014 "Moroccan Plum & Fennel" chutney is inspired by our love for North African cuisine and is our own little Morrocan "tagine-in-a-jar"!  And we have a GOOD FOOD AWARDS 2015 "Cranberry & Orange" chutney which is just packed with juicy, locally sourced cranberries and is perfect served with a classic cheddar cheese, and just about anything else!

Our chutneys are completely natural, made from 75% pure fruit, very low added-sugar, no added salt, gluten free and zero fat. We use locally grown, top quality, seasonal fresh fruits when in season, and carefully select the very best varieties such as "Belle de Boskoop" apples from orchards typically less than 30 miles from Blake Hill.

Blake Hill's chutneys are a perfect accompaniment on cheese plates, summer barbeques, winter stews, grilled paninis, and much more!