Shrub Mocktail to Cocktail Kit

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The perfect base for the most delicious mocktails to cocktails. Our authentic shrubs use the finest produce from local farms and foraged from the countryside at Blake Hill.  Using the freshest of ingredients, we create the perfect natural infusion by first hot, then cold infusing, for many days.  We take our time so you can enjoy yours!  Perfect for craft cocktails and mocktails, dressings, glazes, desserts and baking. 

Gift Set includes...
Wild Mint 8oz
Basil Blueberry 8oz
Rhubarb & Honey 8oz
Ginger & Turmeric 8oz
2 - Blake Hill Jars with lids for shaking
1 - Cocktail Stirring Spoon
1 - Blake Hill Tea Towel
Our gift collections are packed in boxes ready for gifting with a foil seal. PLUS our team is happy to include a handwritten personalized note on a jam-inspired postcard, simply indicate this in the ‘notes’ section when viewing your open cart. 

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Basil Blueberry - Organic basil infused apple cider vinegar (fresh organic basil, apple cider vinegar), cane sugar, blueberry juice, lemon juice

Wild Mint - Wild mint infused apple cider vinegar (fresh wild foraged mint, apple cider vinegar), cane sugar, pure lemon juice

Rhubarb with Honey - Rhubarb infused apple cider vinegar (heirloom rhubarb, apple cider vinegar) honey, cane sugar, pure lemon juice

Ginger & Turmeric - Fresh ginger infused apple cider vinegar (whole ginger root, apple cider vinegar), cane sugar, lemon juice, turmeric, spices