Moroccan Preserved Lemon with Olives

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Growing up in Gibraltar with its unique blend of Spanish, British and Moroccan food culture, Preserved Lemons were an everyday pantry staple for Joe.  Now making our own preserved lemons following the same ancient preservation techniques, and uniquely combining with the other Mediterranean staple of olives, these preserved lemons are vibrant, silky and moist, providing the perfect savory snacking fix in a jar, and a deliciously sophisticated seasoning for baked fish, chicken stews, soups and salads.  Also enjoy the perfectly salted brine as a delicious marinade or cocktail mixer. 


A collection of uniquely crafted small batches, taking the bounty that is the Vermont growing season, or unique ingredients responsibly sourced to create incredible flavor experiences. Spanning our sweet, savory and spicy mantra there is always a new creation to be found. These small batches have led to the creation of many of the Blake Hill varieties you love today.