Jam & Pancakes Gift Set

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Choose from 4 different sets! 

The perfect hostess gift or simply make the best weekend breakfast ever with your family. Each gift box comes package ready for gifting and includes Halladay's Harvest Barn Vermont-Made Pancake mix and TWO complimenting Blake Hill Preserves. Simply select the gift set you would like using the buttons above. 

Holiday Jam & Pancake Gift Set

Featuring our seasonal special edition holiday jams: Pumpkin Butter and Apple Butter bringing those favorite holiday flavors and spices to your everyday! 

Marmalade & Pancake Gift Set

Includes our top selling marmalades: Classic Orange and Meyer Lemon. A beautiful way to use your favorite marmalades even more!  

Raspberry and Lemon Jam & Pancake Gift Set 

Our award-winning Botanical Collections top selling Wild Bergamot infused Raspberry and the ever popular Champagne Lemon. The perfect combination to top your pancakes any time of year. 

Naked Jam & Pancake Gift Set

Your morning pancakes just got healthier with our Naked 'No Sugar Added' Strawberry and Blueberry. With no added sweeteners, preservatives, or sugar these PURE FRUIT jams are just a 30 calorie addition to your morning routine. 


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Pumpkin Butter, Apple Butter, Meyer Lemon, Classic Orange, Raspberry & Bergamot, Champagne Lemon, Naked Blueberry, Naked Strawberry