Luxury Botanical Tea Time Gift Set

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What better way to have your afternoon tea than with JAM! Enjoy your favorite award winning, botanical Blake Hill jams alongside Tea Forté's Fleur Tea Collection. This luxury gift set also includes the Fleur Infuser Mug, Republic of Vermont Honey and our special Blake Hill Botanical Tea Towel that includes our own award-winning botanical jam recipe in its design!

Tea Forté Tea Collection -

Curated with the New York Botanical Garden this collection of organic teas is inspired by summer fruits and flowers. Includes 10 handcrafted pyramid tea infusers (Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Peach Blossom, Blueberry Merlot and Hibiscus Blossom).

Tea Forté Fleur Steeping Cup with Infuser -

Curated with the New York Botanical Gardens this tea cup is designed with original artwork and lets you enjoy loose tea by the cup. The integrated stainless steel infuser basket is perfect for your favorite loose tea, the double wall ceramic cup keeps tea hot, and the ceramic lid helps get the perfect steep when in place. This simple three-in-one system is dishwasher safe and holds 12 ounces.

Republic of Vermont Honey - A fellow 2021 Good Food Awards winner, the unique flavor of Vermont Raw Honey comes from the wildflowers surrounding the location of their bees, making it perfect for stirring into delicious, floral teas.

Gooseberry with Elderflower -  Elegantly aromatic wild elderflowers foraged from woodland edges near Blake Hill are infused with tart Vermont gooseberries to create one of the most beloved jam varieties in England. A perfect jam for baked goods, and delicious served over creamy vanilla ice cream!


Strawberry with Wild Rose - Our SOFI winning jam is inspired by the wild Jacobite roses growing at Blake Hill.  Planted by early settlers to this quintessential Vermont village, this hardy rose produces the most incredibly aromatic flowers perfect for infusion with sweet summer strawberries.  This exquisite jam is decadent served with the finest pastries and fresh triple creme cheese.

SOFI judges: "just a glorious jam", "beautifully balanced rose" flavor, "very polished execution".

Raspberry with Wild Bergamot -  An award winning creation from the Wild Bergamot flowers flourishing in the Gardens at Blake Hill. Also known as bee balm, this stunning flower was originally used by Native Americans as a lightly floral, peppery tea and Blake Hill has innovatively infused this incredible companion flavor with fruity, bright and tart raspberries.


Tea Forté Fleur Tea Collection (earl grey (organic black tea, natural flavors, cornflower petals), jasmine green (organic jasmine green tea), peach blossom (organic white tea, apple pieces, natural flavors, peach pieces, marigold flowers), blueberry merlot (organic, rose hips, hibiscus, blueberries, sage, natural flavor, cornflower petals), hibiscus blossom (organic, apple pieces, rosehip, hibiscus, orange peel, natural flavors))
Republic of Vermont Honey - Raw Honey
Strawberry with Wild Rose - Strawberries, cane sugar, wild rose tea, lemon juice, fruit pectin (10oz)

Gooseberry with Elderflower - Gooseberries, cane sugar, wild elderflower syrup (custom elderflower tea blend, water, sugar), lemon juice, pectin (10oz)
Raspberry with Bergamot - Raspberries, cane sugar, wild bergamot flower tea blend, lemon juice, fruit pectin (10oz)