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In the Store & On the Plate

We have our first shop in Windsor Vermont at Artisans Park! Our shop is nestled in with many other artisanal businesses such as Harpoon Brewery, VT Farmstead Cheese, and SILO Distillery. Our preserves kitchen is located in the same building with a viewing window from the shop.  In addition, check out our preserves at your local Coops in Vermont and many gourmet stores in Vermont such as King Arthur Flour, Grafton Village Cheese, Cabot stores. Blake Hill Preserves can now be found throughout the Northeast and Nationally in gourmet & all natural stores and natural food chains. To name a few - Whole Foods North Atlantic region, Star Markets, The Fresh Market nationally, Central Market stores in Texas, Di-Brunos gourmet stores in Philladelphia and Bi-Rite gourmet stores in California.

Blake Hill Preserves Shop

60 Artisans Way

Windsor, VT 05089


Shop Hours: Thursday-Monday 10am-5pm

Directions: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Blake+Hill Preserves

Please email info@blakehillpreserves.com for information on any specific locations / areas of interest.