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As artisan producers, we are constantly finessing traditional cooking techniques to create a distinctive three dimensional marmalade experience. We believe a truly great marmalade should provide an incredibly bright, vibrant taste; be packed with delicious handcut citrus rinds with a perfect texture; and be a truly glistening beauty for the eye to marvel!  We are the first US marmalade producer to win GOLD at the World Marmalade Awards hosted in England with over 3,000 entries, now collecting 7 Gold wins, including two more in 2017!

Our unique marmalade creations are inspired by the freshest citrus of the season. 

Our marmalades are completely natural;  we never use commercial pectin, corn syrup, citric acid or artificial preservatives. We simply focus on the very best fresh, whole citrus fruits and pure cane sugar.  They are a labor of love, but we think it is worth it.

Blake Hill's marmalades provide a bright, fresh start to any day, and are equally delicious served with grilled fish, as a glaze for roast chicken, partnered with a creamy aged cheese, or poached with pears. Let your creativity run wild with our marmalades!

NON GMO.     KOSHER.     must.have.MARMALADE!