Hatch & Cukes Spicy Chili Jam

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Direct from Chili Farm to Jar, fresh Hatch chilis from a specialty farm in Hatch Valley New Mexico are shipped direct to our Kitchen for a special seasonal chili jam.  This creation brings together the coolness of cucumbers, brightness of limes, and the taste and heat of Hatch chilis to make the perfect glaze, dip, spread or that x-factor ingredient for your favorite sandwich! 

Check all the chili recipes we have created in our Cooking with Jam series for delicious suggestions for this jam, incl. our "Spicy Jalapeno Scrambled Eggs" and "Spicy Tomatillo Marinated Fish Tacos" - simply swap in our Hatch chili jam!  

Seasonal Offering from The Savory and Spicy Pantry 

A bold range of Savory and Spicy jams designed for glazing, grilling and roasting that will turn the simplest of dishes into something special.  Our Savory Pantry features a tangy fresh plum tomato jam, and super creamy and full-flavored caramelized onion, roasted garlic, and tomatillo jams.  Our Spicy Pantry features farm fresh chilis in reduced sugar jams, delivering massive flavor for the chili connoisseur.


Fruits/vegetables (hatch chilis, cucumbers, limes), cane sugar, apple cider, vinegar, fruit pectin (10oz)