Jasper Hill Cheese Lovers Gift Set

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This Gift set features the 5 unique varieties crafted to pair perfectly with Vermont's premier Cheesemakers of Jasper Hill Cheese!

Just add your favorite Jasper Hill Farm Cheese to create an exquisite treat to serve your guests.

More detail on the contents...

NEW! Savory Onion Confit

Onions are slowly simmered with a savory mustard spice, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, cracked black pepper and sea salt for an incredibly versatile cheese pairing and pantry staple. Created with award-winning cheese makers Jasper Hill Farm, this cheese pairing is designed to pair perfectly with pungent Raclette-style cheese varieties. 

A super versatile jam!  Simply toss with roasted root vegetables for intense flavor, moistness and caramelization. Also perfect for topping a burger, or add to your homemade Mac and Cheese for the extra zing! 

Raspberry Mostarda with Vermont Ice Cider

Created with award-winning cheese makers Jasper Hill Farm, our "Raspberry Mostarda with Vermont Heirloom Apple Ice Cider" highlights the raspberry notes in bloomy rind cheese varieties, especially a young Harbison, and the decadent, luscious texture of this Mostarda is a perfect complement to the suppleness of this renowned Jasper Hill variety.

Spiced Plums with Port & Anise

Created with award-winning cheese makers Jasper Hill Farm, a rich confit of plums slowly simmered with local heirloom apples, raisins, a rich ruby port and star anise, is an incredibly luscious, elegantly spiced preserves, perfect for pairing with the very best blue cheese such as the celebrated Bayley Hazen with its fudge-like texture and toasted nut sweetness.

Apricots and Orange with Pure Clover Honey

Created with award-winning cheese makers Jasper Hill Farm, summer apricots simmered with fresh oranges, local wildflower honey & ground coriander. A deliciously fruity, naturally sweet & fragrant conserve with just a hint of bitter orange is perfect paired with washed rind cheese varieties such as Jasper Hill’s deliciously pungent, buttery Oma.

Orange Marmalade with Ten Year Single Malt Whisky

Created with award-winning cheese makers Jasper Hill Farm, our 2014 Gold Medal marmalade infused with a unique blend of two world renowned single malt whiskies. A classic orange marmalade with smooth, sweet, peaty notes is perfect paired with rich, mature hard cheese varieties such as Cabot Clothbound with its signature tang and caramel nuttiness.

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