Luxury Marmalade Making Gift Set

Luxury Marmalade Making Gift Set

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New to marmalade making and need the exact tools and expertise to get you started?  Or looking for an opportunity to advance your marmalade making skills?

Either way, Blake Hill Preserves has got you covered!  We will equip you with the necessary culinary tools to create a delicious batch of homemade marmalade.  This special Gift Set includes the unique opportunity for a live video discussion of all things marmalade related with Blake Hill Preserves' award-winning Head Chef and Co-Owner, Vicky Allard who has won multiple Golds at The World Marmalade Awards - discover some of Vicky’s special techniques that create some of the world’s finest marmalades!  Take advantage of this unique culinary offering and experience (and enjoy Vicky's English accent)!

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Video Discussion with Award-winning Marmalade Chef Vicky Allard

Join Blake Hill Preserves’ co-owner and Head Chef, Vicky Allard, for an exclusive, one-on-one virtual session to discuss marmalade making! Whether you’re an experienced marmalade maker or new to this type of preserve making, Vicky will provide you with guidance and expert feedback on all things marmalade making - including special tips as to how she makes her gold medal winning marmalade varieties!

Marmalade: A Bittersweet Cookbook by Sarah Randell

From the arrival of the first boxes of bitter Seville oranges at the greengrocer’s in January, to the sweet-sharp scent of citrus fruit filling the kitchen as the preserving pan bubbles away on the stove, there is something deeply satisfying about the annual ritual of making marmalade and piling the pantry shelves high with neatly labeled jars of glistening preserves.

Once you’ve perfected the set and balanced the bittersweet flavour in your traditional orange marmalade, you might experiment with different fruits, or try adding alcohol, essences or spices – cardamom, ginger or a hint of bergamot – but after that, what to do with all those pots of citrus perfection? A jar or two to friends and family, another for the breakfast table… and then what? It’s time to start using it for baking and cooking.

From Christmas ham to rhubarb and marmalade trifle, and from chocolate fondants with bitter orange centres to marmalade marguerites, here is all the inspiration you need to make the most of marmalade right through the year.

14" Mauviel Copper Pot

Prized in French kitchens, this classic copper pan helps transform fruits into delicious jams, jellies and preserves. Made of heat-responsive copper in a wide, shallow design, it's also useful for making caramel and other high-sugar foods.

 - Wide, shallow bowl and heat-conductive 1.2mm-gauge copper promote rapid boil, which develops fruits' natural pectins.
- Unlined copper interior is safe for use with foods that have a high sugar content, but should not be used for general cooking.
- Riveted brass handles.
- Made in France by Mauviel, a family-owned maker of fine copper cookware since 1830.

Marmalade Trio Gift Box with Recipe Tea Towel

A gorgeous craft gift box with a foil finish seal featuring...

Meyer Lemon

Special edition marmalade made from the finest fresh Meyer lemons.

For the true marmalade aficionado, Meyer lemons, introduced to the US by agricultural explorer Frank Meyer in the early 1900s from Peking China, are a perfect blend of lemon & mandarin orange.

Renowned for their delicate rinds and exquisite floral aroma, this is one of our absolute favorite marmalades and is packed with hand-cut, melt-in-your-mouth rinds.

Perfect paired with a fresh triple creme cheese.  Also a delicious glaze for baked white fish, and stunning over lemon gelato.

Seville Orange

Special edition marmalade made in just a few short weeks each year from fresh Seville oranges.

For the true marmalade aficionado, Seville orange, the first citrus marmalade made in Scotland in the late 1600s.

Delightfully bitter, just a little sweet, and packed with elegant hand-cut rinds for a marmalade of character.

Perfect paired with Spanish manchego cheese or an aged gouda.  Also a delicious glaze for roast duck, and a wonderful filling for a vanilla sponge cake.

GOLD WINNER AT THE WORLD MARMALADE AWARDS, blind tasting 2,000+ artisan marmalades every year to identify the world's very best.

Orange infused with Bourbon Whiskey

Fresh oranges and bourbon whiskey are a match made in marmalade heaven.  A rich, smooth, complex marmalade, we simmer fresh oranges with an award-winning, small batch, crafted bourbon whiskey made in Vermont by SILO distillery.  Perfect for the whisky connoisseur!

Not just for toast anymore, we love this marmalade paired with an artisanal blue cheese.  It makes a very special glaze for roast duck, and spoon atop vanilla ice cream and sprinkle with chocolate shavings for a real treat!


Meyer Lemon - Fresh Meyer lemons (lemons, water to blanche lemons), cane sugar (10oz)

Seville Orange - Fresh Seville oranges, cane sugar (10oz)

Classic Orange infused with Bourbon Whiskey - Oranges, cane sugar, lemon juice, bourbon whiskey from SILO distillery (10oz)