Peach with Roast Garlic & Habanero Chilis

Peach with Roast Garlic & Habanero Chilis

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At Blake Hill, we are passionate about creating innovative, fresh flavors, and this new preserve will inspire you to remake classic culinary dishes with added flare.  The trifecta of ingredients we've used will unfold in your mouth - first enjoy the natural sweetness of perfectly ripe peach, followed by delicious savory notes of roasted garlic, and then spicy heat with a hint of fresh habanero chilis.  This small batch creation is perfect for glazing shish kabobs on the grill, adding pep to a weeknight chicken dish, and bringing new flavor to your favorite roast vegetables.


A collection of uniquely crafted small batches, taking the bounty that is the Vermont growing season, or unique ingredients responsibly sourced to create incredible flavor experiences. Spanning our sweet, savory and spicy mantra there is always a new creation to be found. These small batches have led to the creation of many of the Blake Hill varieties you love today. 


Peaches, pure cane sugar, garlic, habanero chilis, olive oil, ground ginger, fruit pectin (10oz)