The Classic Preserves Collection

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Combining quintessential jam fruits and our award-winning preserve making skills, these jams may well come close to being as good as you remember your grandmother’s being, although we do not expect anyone to admit it:)

Take home or gift our entire collection of Classic Preserves perfect for spanning all meals of the day from pancakes to sandwiches to glazing fish and meat for dinner! This collection does it all! 

More detail on the contents...

Wild Blueberry Preserve

Featuring wild blueberries from a small family farm in Maine, this jam captures the renowned bold and tart taste of blueberries embodied in this special variety.  A delicious classic preserve made with more fruit and less sugar.

Delicious with mascarpone cheese in a Tiramisu, served with fresh baked scones, or atop your favorite vanilla cheesecake. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Preserve

Perfectly ripe strawberries are simmered in a rhubarb and lemon base. The tartness of rhubarb is an ideal partner for sweet early summer strawberries and offers a classic taste of the start of summer in Vermont!

We love this preserve as a delicious glaze for red snapper, perfect atop vanilla ice cream, and delicious included in pies, tarts and scones.

Peach and Ginger Preserve

These summer peaches are naturally sweet with a delicious floral, peach aroma that tumbles out the jar as soon as you pop it open. Simmered with a little ginger, this is a classic jam with a hint of ginger hint - absolutely delicious.

Bright and fruity, this jam is a perfect accompaniment for roast salmon, and absolutely delicious spooned alongside a creamy crème brûlée.

Raspberry Hibiscus Preserve


Inspired by fragrant and delicate Hibiscus flowers, we simmer the finest ripe raspberries with organic hibiscus flower petals creating this bright, vibrant and pleasantly fragrant jam reminiscent of a warm Vermont summer.

A perfect accompaniment for mahi mahi or fresh tuna, and phenomenal when layered into a classic bread pudding with goat cheese.

Lisbon Lemon with Champagne Jam

Reminiscent of lemon butter or a vegan lemon curd, this lemon jam is uniquely elegant and zesty. Whole fresh, tart lemons are gently softened with a slow simmer and then whipped with champagne until deliciously smooth and creamy.  

Perfect on hot focaccia or as a glaze for roast chicken or fish.

Black Currant and Wild Mint

Black currants and their intricate blend of tart, sweet and extremely fruity flavors are perfectly paired with the cooling taste of fresh, wild mint growing in the meadows around Blake Hill Farm. 

This jam is a versatile gem, elevating many desserts with its incredibly fruity taste and luscious texture, as well as a super fruity accompaniment for venison and duck.

Raspberry Chipotle Chocolate Preserve

A wonderful balance of sweet, tart and spice in this full-bodied preserve. We take fresh red raspberries and infuse it with cocoa powder and a smoked chipotle peppers base for a concentrated chocolate taste and a smoky-woody piquancy.

Impeccable on chicken wings and barbecued elk tenderloin; also a great choice to accompany chocolate lava cake or waffles.

All items above come packaged ready for gifting!