The Holiday Trio Gift Box

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Blake Hill's Special Edition Holiday Trio was designed as the ultimate gift for the holidays! Why try to decide when you can have all three?

A gorgeous kraft gift box with a foil finish holiday seal featuring the season's quintessential flavors...

- Apple Butter  - 

Heirloom apples, maple syrup, and apple cider lightly cooked for an orchard-fresh taste of a crisp, golden Vermont fall. 

A deliciously fresh apple butter perfect with everything from french toast, to the coveted turkey sandwich to a perfect twist on grilled cheese. The jar sits so beautifully on a cheese board for the perfect holiday appetizer.  

- Pumpkin Butter -

Seasonal Pumpkins, maple syrup, and apple cider are uniquely combined to celebrate the golden flavors of Vermont fall. 

A creamy pumpkin butter delight, perfect stirred into a warm breakfast oatmeal, the secret ingredient in a curried cauliflower soup or butternut squash bisque. This butter makes a beautiful creamy fall dressing for an arugula based salad with cranberries and goat cheese. 

- Holiday Jam -

Featuring the holiday spirit with deliciously fruity cranberries which are cooked in a fruity fresh sauce made from everybody's favorite red fruits (strawberries, raspberries and cherries).

Much more fruit, and reduced sugar so even more fruity deliciousness and that little bit healthier than traditional holiday jams, this is the top selling jam in our Specialty Preserves Shop over the holidays!

Delicious on fresh baked scones with English clotted cream, alongside apple pie, and perfect pairing for roast turkey.  Makes the ultimate holiday cheese board paired with classic aged cheddar cheese or creamy brie.  Decadent with any triple cremes!

This gift set comes packaged ready for gifting! 


(3-10oz jars)