The Savory Garden Collection

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A collection of our Private Kitchen Batch Series crafted with locally grown and hand picked ingredients from the gardens at Blake Hill and partner farm Honey Field Farm, Norwich Vermont.


Candied Jalapenos 

A customer came into our Preserves Shop one day, saying he had just moved to Vermont from Texas and was missing his previously-local candied jalapenos and could we please make some?

Well, we could not resist, and are absolutely in love with the finished result!!! Featuring local organic jalapenos from Honey Field Farm cooked in our special apple cider vinegar, sugar and custom spice blend pickling sauce, we then can them and store for at least four weeks to develop the most incredible flavor and texture. Sweet, spicy, crunchy - a snack anytime of day!

We especially love adding both the chilis and the pickling sauce to soups, stews, and stir-fries. Chilis also great on burgers, hot dogs, tossed into salads.

Garden Pickles 

Fresh from Blake Hill Farm's own gardens, a selection of just-picked organic summer veggies made into Bread & Butter Pickles for your crunchy enjoyment.

Savory Tomato Compote

We LOVE making savory jams and this the local stunning Heirloom Tomato Compote is all that is savory in the New England growing seasons with organic heirloom tomatoes and organic fresh basil from Honey Field Farm.

Perfect for the base of the pizza, with a sharp cheddar, tossed with pasta olives and artichokes for a cool summer salad.

All items above come packaged ready for gifting!