Wild Sumac infused Blackberry

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Inspired by wild blackberries growing on the hillsides at Blake Hill Farm, we combine these late summer berries with their rich, deep fruit flavor with our house made lemony wild sumac tea made from wild sumac fruit foraged from woodland edges around our Farm. 

A delicious pairing for a moist orange cake, apple pie or taleggio cheese.  Introduces a new flavor to a standard cinnamon roll.  Fuses beautifully with roasted duck.  Check our Cooking with Jam series for "Wild Blackberry & Sumac Muffins", "Wild Blackberry & Sumac Ice Cream", and over 100 other recipes making simple dishes special with a jar of Blake Hill jam!

Part of our Botanical Collection

Inspired by the wild edible flowers in our meadows at Blake Hill, our botanical jams infuse the uniquely delicate taste and aroma of wild roses, wild bergamot, wild elderflowers, and more with the fresh, bright flavors of the fruits that are ripening as the flowers bloom. This special “farm & forage” range of jams, with its natural and simple ingredients, offers a touch of sophistication to classic preserves.


Blackberries, cane sugar, wild sumac shrub (custom sumac tea blend, apple cider vinegar, cane sugar), lemon juice, fruit pectin (10oz)