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Organic Rhubarb, Wild Ramp & Black Pepper savory jam (10 oz)
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Organic rhubarb from Honey Field Farm, wild ramps foraged from the woodlands around Blake Hill, and a hint of cracked black pepper create a luscious, savory jam - almost like a super-fruity chutney (but without the dried fruits with are synonymous with chutneys). 

Super fruity, mouthwateringly tart, and a hint of black pepper spice.  Our first Private Kitchen Batch jam for 2020, a perfect Farm and Forage to Jar jam, delicious with aged cheddar, goat cheese, roast carrots or chicken. 

So thrilled with this super local, super small batch, unique jam from our Kitchens at Blake Hill.  Snap it up to try at home before it sells out!


Organic rhubarb from Honey Field Farm & Wild Ramps foraged from woodlands around Blake Hill, pure cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, cracked black pepper