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Scones and Jam Gift Collection (37.6 oz)
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King Arthur Flour Blueberry and Lemon Scone Mix (replacing the pictured mix), Naked Blueberry, and Champagne Lemon Jam!

Blake Hill's Naked Blueberry and Champagne Lemon Jam pair perfectly with King Arthur's Blueberry and Lemon Scones.

- King Arthur Flour Blueberry Lemon Scone Mix -

Exquisite dried blueberries in a lemon-scented scone. Home-baked scones from the finest ingredients have never been quicker or easier. In minutes, you can bring the lovely taste of blueberries paired with a hint of lemon to the table, for yourself, your family, or your guests.

Serve scones at breakfast, high tea, or anytime.
Made with unbleached King Arthur Flour.
Simply blend, shape and bake for hot & delicious scones in less than 30 minutes.

- Naked Blueberry Jam -

Rich wild blueberries are simmered in fruit juice to create this amazingly fresh fruit spread. This 100% fruit jam is loaded with luscious blueberries to create a fresh fruit taste. Customers have commented that this fruit spread is as sweet as our Wild Blueberry Preserve, without the added sugar.

100% Pure Fruit Spread with No added sugar. Naturally sweet.

Artisan 100% Fruit Jam. All-natural, with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colorings.  Spread pure fruit joy on your morning toast or add to yogurt for an even healthier treat.

-Champagne Lemon Jam-

Whole fresh lemons, gently softened and cooked until super smooth then whipped with champagne almost like a lemon butter. This is a deliciously fresh, lemon jam uniquely elegant and zesty, perfect on hot buttered toast as well as for baking and using as a sauce or glaze for fish and chicken.

King Arthur Scone Mix (unbleached flour, cane sugar, crystallized ginger, lemon drops, lemon juice powder, baking powder, natural flavors, ginger, soy, milk, wheat); Champagne Lemon Jam (Lemons, cane sugar, water (for cooking lemons)); Naked Blueberry Jam (wild blueberries, fruit juice concentrate (pineapple), pure fruit pectin)