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Spicy Pantry Launch



We are super excited to launch our new SPICY PANTRY range. We have created BOLD new hot & spicy spreads to make the simplest of dishes dazzle. These spreads are for dipping, spreading, grilling, and roasting. Your indispensable X-Factor ingredient!

Our sensational savory CHILI JAMS are packed with delicious and luscious fresh chilis “Fresh from the Farm”. We have created this unique line by steeping loads of chilis with apple cider vinegar, citrus, and a hint of sugar. Our focus is on the finest, fresh local chilis for the chili connoisseur.

Jalapeño & Lime Hot Chili Jam: Intense fresh jalapeño taste accented with fresh, zesty limes and just a touch of sweetness. Mix with cream cheese for amazing jalapeño poppers.

Fresno & Thai Spicy Chili Jam: Perfect pairing of fresh, fragrant Fresno chilis & hot Thai chilis for spicy heat with a subtle sweetness. Brush across chicken wings for a deliciously moist, spicy glaze.

Our unique SPICY PANTRY SPREADS are infused with craft beer, fresh chilis, & hops, and are addictively savory NO ADDED SUGAR spreads. This flavorful collection ranges from medium spice to super spicy!

Tomatillo & Jalapeño: Extra spice kicks this spread up a notch with complex tomatillo, jalapeños, citrusy Simcoe hops, a craft IPA, and NO ADDED SUGAR! Place atop grilled portobello mushrooms with blue cheese.

Mango & Habanero: The spiciest spread with mangoes, habaneros, tropical Citra hops, Hefeweizen beer, and NO ADDED SUGAR! Add to a simple grilled chicken for a spicy, Caribbean flair.

Spice up your taste buds with our SPICY PANTRY unique spicy and savory jams and spreads!!