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Hot Red Pepper Jam (11 oz)
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We love connecting with customers in our Specialty Preserves Shop and it is so fun to experience their delight in discovering our special range of chili jams.  Often they cannot get enough and so the next request is frequently can we also do a hot sweet pepper jam / jelly and so - especially for you - Yes We Can, and Have!  Please welcome our Hot Red Pepper Jam:)

Sweet red bell peppers and a red, hot, habanero chili pepper called "Paper Lantern" are blended in an apple cider vinegar and custom spice blend until smooth and then cooked with pure cane sugar.  Hot, just a touch of sweetness, and spicy, this beauty is perfect on a cheese plate, a glaze for roast or grilled meats, stirred into an omelette, and spooned across a pizza.  For passionate heat lovers - simply treat as a spicy (and low sugar) version of a tomato ketchup, and enjoy with burgers, fries - just anything where you would typically use a ubiquitous ketchup and enjoy huge flavor, and tons of fruity heat. 

Make a Dull Dish Dramatic with this special pepper jam!



Sweet red peppers, hot paper lantern chili peppers, cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, custom spice blend, fruit pectin