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boutique preserves

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sweet, savory & spicy preserves

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Hotel Collection

Boutique Mini Jars

These 1.5oz jars are perfect for breakfast, room service or charcuterie boards

Sweet, Savory & Spicy Minis

Botanical Shrubs

Unique cocktails and mocktails at the bar or around the fireplace


Food Service

Create stunning dishes using a jar of jam or one of our bulk food service offerings

Recipe Inspiration

A Taste of new england


A Gift From New England

Limited Time Offer: Menu Feature

Feature Blake Hill Preserves on your drinks or menu board and receive 15% discount on the featured variety! 

Contact our JAMbassadors for more details on this discount at or call (802) 674-4529 ext. 3

unique & delicious

Bespoke preserves

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