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Blake Hill Preserves
Blake Hill Preserves
Blake Hill Preserves

One of the country's leading artisan preserve & marmalade makers, Blake Hill is a third generation fruit preservatory passionate in the art of fine preserve making.  We use the finest fruits, a unique layered approach to cooking, and creative recipes for the very best sweet and savory pairings.

Enjoy our collection of gourmet sweet and savory jams and marmalades created for the PERFECT CHEESE PAIRINGS.  Infused with honey, herbs / spice, and the finest liquors, every pairing is created to elevate the unique flavors of a particular type of cheese, and provide the perfect texture and stunning color for a well curated cheese plate.

Seven times Gold medal Winner at the World Marmalade Awards, we are truly passionate in the art of FINE MARMALADE MAKING.  All our marmalades are made from scratch using only the finest citrus and pure cane sugar.  We offer classic single-citrus marmalade varieties such as our Classic Fresh Sweet Orange marmalade, and our Gold winning Seville Orange, and Meyer Lemon marmalades, as well as a gourmet selection of marmalades infused with honey, liquors or spice such as our 2017 Gold winning "Meyer Lemon with Honey" or 2017 Bronze "Persian Lime & Coconut" marmalade.  We are obsessed with marmalade making - truly for the Marmalade Connoisseur.

Our EXTRA FRUIT PRESERVES are made with more fruit than the typical jam, and we cook our jams very lightly so to preserve the fresh fruit flavors of summer.  We offer some classic preserve/jam varieties such as Wild Maine Blueberry and Strawberry & Rhubarb, as well as feature many unique creations such as our Good Food Awards Raspberry & Hibiscus and Blackcurrant with Wild Mint.

We also offer a unique range of PURE FRUIT / NO-ADDED-SUGAR FRUIT SPREADS.  Called "NAKED JAMS" as they contain no added sugar, artificial preservatives, colorings or sweeteners, this new range was under development for 18 months as we sought to create a range of no-added-sugar jams that remain truly all-natural and delicious.  We are super excited with this new special range from Blake Hill - they are already one of the top selling varieties in our Specialty Preserves Shop!

We hope you enjoy!

Vicky & Joe, Blake Hill Preserves, Windsor Vermont