Naked Chocolate Sea Salt Spread

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The rich, dark color of Naked Chocolate Sea Salt will make you feel like you’ve happened upon a decadent treat each time you open the jar.

Made with simple, natural ingredients in a certified kosher and allergen-free kitchen, this vegan chocolate spread features pure dark cocoa and sea salt - a perfect blend of sweet with a hint of salt. 

Naked Chocolates!

Introducing Naked Chocolates - spreadable vegan chocolate without added cane sugar and artificial sweeteners. Made with natural, inspiring flavors in a certified kosher and allergen-free kitchen, Naked Chocolates will have you sneaking a spoonful on the sidelines at your next sporting event and wishing you could disinvite your dinner guests so you can eat the chocolate ganache cake. You’ll be bound to share jars with friends and family because you know the spreads are made with high-quality ingredients, no saturated fat, and chocolatey deliciousness. Enjoy!

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juice concentrate (pineapple), pure dark cocoa, expeller-pressed NON GMO canola oil, filtered water, citrus fiber, pure sea salt