Naked Jam Collection

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Blake Hill's Naked Jams Gift Box was designed as the ultimate gift for any occasion! Why try to decide when you can have all of them?

A gorgeous craft gift box with a foil finish seal featuring...

Naked Peach No Sugar Added Jam

Exquisitely ripe, full flavored, peaches are simmered with fruit juice for a classic taste of mid-summer without added sugar. These succulently juicy peaches maintain their full sweet flavor, and no sugar is needed. Customers in our shop have been commenting on how fresh and sweet the No Added Sugar collection tastes.

Naked Raspberry No Sugar Added Jam

Gorgeously plump, rich red raspberries will bring you a fresh taste of summer. The naturally sweet and tart taste of raspberries with no added sugar creates an incredibly bright, light, deliciously bold fruity jam.

Spread this pure fruit joy on your breakfast crumpets. Add to greek yogurt mixed with your favorite granola for a healthy treat.

Naked Strawberry No Sugar Added Jam 

Perfectly ripe, full flavored, strawberries are simmered with fruit juice for a classic taste of early summer. This line of No Added Sugar 100% Pure Fruit Spreads has been very well received by our customers. Amazingly sweet pure fruit taste without added sugar.

Naked Blueberry No Sugar Added Jam 

Rich wild blueberries are simmered in fruit juice to create this amazingly fresh fruit spread. This 100% fruit jam is loaded with luscious blueberries to create a fresh fruit taste. Customers have commented that this fruit spread is as sweet as our Wild Blueberry Preserve, without the added sugar.


100% Pure Fruit Spread with No added sugar. Naturally sweet.

Artisan 100% Fruit Jam. All-natural, with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colorings. Spread pure fruit joy on your morning toast or add to yogurt for an even healthier treat.