Naked Chocolate Orange Spread

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Naked Chocolate Orange is an instant pick-me-up. One taste and you’ll be ready to take a long walk on a dreary day, bake the layer cake you’ve pined after, or finish fixing the vacuum cleaner you’ve hid in the closet.

Made with simple, natural ingredients in a certified kosher and allergen-free kitchen, this vegan chocolate spread features pure orange essential oil to add vibrant citrusy notes alongside the rich taste of pure dark cocoa.

You’ll be bound to share jars with friends and family because you know the spread is made with high-quality ingredients, no saturated fat, and chocolatey deliciousness. We recommend spotlighting this spread on a dessert board, spreading it generously on a homemade crêpe, or drizzling it atop a brownie sundae.

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Juice concentrate (orange and pineapple), pure dark cocoa, expeller-pressed NON GMO canola oil, citrus fiber, citric acid, organic wild orange oil