Chocolate Dipping Board

New to Blake Hill’s Naked Chocolate Spreads? May we introduce you to this awe-inspiring board showcasing an array of baked goods, fresh fruit, and salty snacks for your dipping pleasure. Spreadable vegan chocolate - made without added sugar and artificial sweeteners - will amaze your taste buds and highlight the natural sweetness and savory notes of each board ingredient.

Blake Hill Naked Chocolate Spreads

King Arthur Baking Coconut Macaroon Cookie Mix

Cabot Maple Cheddar Popcorn

Rustic Bakery Chocolate Cacao Nib Shortbread

angel food cake, cubbed

fresh oranges, sliced

fresh strawberries

waffle cookies





Set open jars of your favorite chocolate spreads on board.


Follow mix directions to bake coconut macaroons and angel food cake. Place freshly baked macaroons and cubed pieces of angel food cake on board.


Place cheddar popcorn into a small bowl on board and drizzle chocolate on top for extra sweetness.


Arrange sliced oranges and ripe strawberries on board.


Display shortbread cookies, waffle cookies, pretzels, and pirouettes on board.


Start to dip the board ingredients into the Chocolate Spreads to your heart’s delight. Enjoy!

Chocolate Dipping Board

Suggested Jams