S’mores Galore Board

Enjoy homemade s’mores year-round! Featuring Blake Hill’s newest Naked Chocolate Spreads, this board will have you roasting marshmallows in no time. We suggest you add a joyful amount of chocolatey goodness atop your toasted marshmallow before sandwiching it between two of our favorite biscuits (Effie’s Homemade!). It’s the new game night dessert, noteworthy afterschool snack, and welcome fireside treat.

Serving Size: 1 serving board or platter

Blake Hill Naked Chocolate Spreads

King Arthur Baking marshmallows

Effie’s Homemade Biscuits, assorted varieties

S’mores sticks (optional)

Cooking torch (optional)



Set open jars of your favorite chocolate spreads on board and insert spoons.


Display an assortment of Effie’s biscuits and marshmallows on board.


Roast marshmallows fireside to your toasty preference or if an open flame isn’t available use a cooking torch to lightly caramelize the surface of the marshmallows while set on a fire-safe plate.


Assemble your s’mores - drizzled with a generous amount of chocolate, of course - and Enjoy!

S’mores Galore Board

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