Minty Melon Salad

Posh enough for the cover of a magazine and simple enough even your toddler will love it! Have fun arranging this picturesque salad on a platter or serve it in a bowl ‘fruit salad’ style. You can be sure it will be the only of its kind at your next BBQ and people will be begging for the recipe. (We totally understand if you want to keep it a secret!)

1 melon- cantaloupe or honeydew

1 cucumber-English, Turkish or Persian

2 red and/or white radishes

1 red onion

edible flowers and/or fresh mint for garnish (optional)

Blake Hill’s Wild Mint Shrub



De-seed, peel and cut melon into desired shape.


Thinly slice cucumber, radish and red onion. Use a mandoline for a super thin slice.


Arrange melon(s) on a serving platter and top with cucumber, radish and onion slices.


Generously drizzle with Wild Mint Shrub and garnish with fresh mint.


For a more casual side dish, cube melon then toss ingredients in a bowl and serve ‘fruit salad’ style.



Minty Melon Salad

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