Pickled Red Onions with Mint Shrub

You will be putting these on everything, literally everything! Our Botanical shrubs are the perfect way to create a glorious pickled onion without making your house smell like vinegar for a month. Plus - just keep adding onions to the shrub to have an endless supply of this staple salad topper, sandwich superstar and taco bar must-have.

bag of red onions (medium sized)

whole peppercorns

Blake Hill’s Wild Mint Shrub



Slice onions ⅛ inch thick, if too thin, onions may lose structure as they marinate and be more mushy than preferred.


Choose your desired jar size and pack jar(s) with onion, do not be shy, onions will shrink as they pickle.


Fill jar(s) with shrub to the top, secure lids and pop in the fridge.


Store in the fridge for at least 12 hours to allow the Wild Mint Shrub to work its magic. The wait will be worth it!


Leave in the fridge for weeks, if they can last that long!


When the onions are gone…just add more! Making the most of this delicious Botanical Shrub.


Pro Tip: Try any of our Botanical Shrubs as your fridge pickle partner!



Pickled Red Onions with Mint Shrub

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