Wild Mint Yogurt Dressing / Marinade

Move over Ranch - there is a new creamy dressing in town and your salads will never be the same. Sometimes we are just craving a creamy dressing though it is hard to find a healthy alternative to ranch and blue cheese. Meet this Botanical Shrub inspired, greek yogurt based dressing and marinade perfect for salads and dipping!

¼ cup Blake Hill’s Wild Mint Shrub

1 tablespoon Blake Hill’s Lisbon Lemon Jam

1 cup Greek yogurt

1 shallot

chives (optional)

salt and pepper to taste



Start with your shallot, remove outer skin. With a grater, using the finest holes, grate your shallot to a paste-like consistency. Be sure to wipe shallot from grater thoroughly getting as much of the shallot ‘paste’ as you can when you transfer it to a small bowl- set aside.


Place the Greek yogurt in a bowl, big enough for all ingredients, and stir until smooth.


Add the shallot ‘paste’ and 1 tablespoon of Lisbon Lemon Jam, mix thoroughly.


Finally, slowly pour in Wild Mint Shrub, folding into the mixture until fully incorporated. Add chives if you prefer a bolder onion flavor and for great color.


Use immediately or store in the fridge for up to a week. Dressing may stiffen in fridge, simply stir before serving and add more shrub to desired consistency.


Enjoy as a dressing, sandwich spread or dip!

Wild Mint Yogurt Dressing / Marinade

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