"Mint Lemonader" Shrub Mocktail

"Mint Lemonader" Shrub Mocktail

You may never have plain lemonade again! These three simple ingredients come together to make the most refreshing beverage we have ever tasted...ever.

Serving Size: 1 drink OR 1 pitcher

8 ounces OR 32 ounces green tea

4 mint leaves OR small bunch

2 lemon wheels OR whole lemon sliced

1 tbsp OR ¼ cup Lisbon Lemon with Champagne Jam

2 ounces OR ½ bottle Wild Mint Botanical Shrub



Make one delicious refresher OR one pitcher


For one drink: add Wild Mint Botanical Shrub, Lisbon Lemon with Champagne Jam and 2 mint leaves into a glass and muddle


Top with ice


Add green tea, remaining mint and lemon wheels


Stir, immersing the lemon and mint


For one pitcher: repeat the steps above - garnish and add ice when ready to serve. Will last in the fridge for about a week, although we doubt it will be around that long ~ Cheers!


Tipsy Tip: add 1.5 ounces SILO Citron Vodka for the perfect cocktail that brings you that summer feeling year-round

"Mint Lemonader" Shrub Mocktail

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