"Sparkling Mint Iced Tea" Shrub Mocktail

"Sparkling Mint Iced Tea" Shrub Mocktail

This beauty is a staple in our staff fridge - the perfect refreshing drink after a busy day in our Preserves Kitchen. We always make this in a pitcher - it's a necessity.

Serving Size: 1 drink OR 1 pitcher

8 ounces OR 32 ounces black tea

Club soda

2 ounces OR ½ bottle Wild Mint Botanical Shrub



Make one iced tea OR one pitcher


For one iced tea: pour Wild Mint Botanical Shrub and tea into a glass with ice and stir


Top with club soda


For one pitcher: repeat the steps above - garnish, add ice and soda when ready to serve. Will last in the fridge for about a week, although we doubt it will be around that long ~ Cheers!


Tipsy Tip: add .5 ounces - 1 ounce mezcal per glass for a light smoky tea experience

"Sparkling Mint Iced Tea" Shrub Mocktail

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