"Spiced Up Cola Float" Shrub Mocktail

Do not let the line up of ingredients fool you. This creamy, spicy, sparkling treat is the modern day ice cream float. Dial up and down the spicy with more shrub!

Serving Size: Makes 2

1 oz Spicy Jalapeno Botanical Shrub

8 oz Chocolate Milk

Mexican Cola to top

Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream - we used Giffords Vanilla!



In a shaker with ice, combine Spicy Jalapeno Botanical Shrub and Chocolate Milk and shake


Add 2 scoops of ice cream into the glass


Strain Shrub and Chocolate Milk over ice cream


Top with Mexican Cola and stir gently to get that cream float look


Add more ice cream and garnish with a spoon!

"Spiced Up Cola Float" Shrub Mocktail

Suggested Jams