7-Bean Soup with Candied Jalapeños

We love adding our Candied Jalapeños and the brine to soups and stews. It gives this vegan soup just the kick you need to bring warmth to those colder winter months.

1/2 cup Idaho Pinto Beans, soaked overnight

1/2 cup chickpeas, soaked overnight

1/2 cup large lima beans, soaked overnight

1/2 cup mixed lentils (green or brown preferred)

1/2 cup green split peas

1/2 cup black beans, soaked overnight

1/2 cup black eyed peas, soaked overnight

1 teaspoon sea salt; 1/4 teaspoon cracked black pepper

1/2 teaspoon celery salt

4 cups of water

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

2 cups of beef broth (or vegetable broth for a vegan option)

14 oz of diced tomatoes

1/2 cup Blake Hill Candied Jalapeños, diced

1/2 cup Blake Hill Candied Jalapeño brine



Drain and rinse the soaked beans. Place them in a large Dutch Oven or cooking pot.


Alternatively, if you don't have time to soak the beans overnight, use the quick soak method: Boil beans for 2 minutes, then let them stand covered for 1 hour before cooking.


Add the sea salt, celery salt, and cracked black pepper to the beans.


Stir in the Candied Jalapeño brine, water, and vegetable or beef broth until well mixed.


Heat the mixture over medium-low heat. Simmer for about 2-3 hours, or until all the beans are tender. Check occasionally, adding more broth or water if the mixture seems too dry.


About 15 minutes before the end of cooking, add the diced tomatoes and diced Candied Jalapeños to the pot. Continue to simmer until everything is heated through and the flavors are well combined.


The soup should have a hearty, but not overly thick, consistency. Adjust the liquid as needed to achieve your desired texture.


Once the soup is ready, taste and adjust seasoning if necessary.


Serve hot, garnished with a few whole Candied Jalapeño rings and a dollop of sour cream or a vegan alternative and Enjoy!

7-Bean Soup with Candied Jalapeños

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