Beau of Winter B&B

One of our favorite ways to celebrate the holiday season is with a craft cocktail from the team at Burdick’s. Many Blake Hill plans happened on a table at this cozy bistro in the historic Walpole, NH and their mixologist crafted this festive winter cocktail perfect for a toast. And your friends and family will be so impressed with your layering skills!

Serving Size: 1 cocktail

1 ounce Cocchi Americano

.5 ounces Lime Juice

.5 ounces Simple Syrup

2 ounces Empress 1908 Indigo Gin

1 ounce Blake Hill's Basil Blueberry Shrub



Fill Shaker with ice and pour in Cocchi Americano, lime juice, simple syrup and shrub.


Stir well to combine and chill.


Strain into a collins glass over ice.


To create layered look, pour Indigo Gin as slowly as possible on top. We suggest pouring over a long bar spoon with the bottom of the spoon facing into the glass. You can also use the back of a regular spoon. Keep the spoon fairly close to the liquid you are pouring over.


Garnish with a lime wheel and Cheers!

Beau of Winter B&B

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