English Syllabub with Gooseberry Jam Swirl

English Syllabub with Gooseberry Jam Swirl

A fluffy light dessert, easy to make yet remarkably complex with layers of cream, jam, wine and lemon!

Serving Size: 4 cups

1 cup heavy cream

½ cup caster sugar

½ cup rose wine

One lemon for juice and zest for garnish

Blake Hill’s Gooseberry with Elderflower Jam



Using mixer, beat cream and sugar on low, then medium speed until slightly thickened (do not over mix as could curdle on the next step)


Add wine, lemon juice, and whip until really fluffy and peaks can form


Refrigerate if not serving right away


When ready to serve, lightly swirl in half jar of Blake Hill’s Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam, first softening jam into a rich sauce by gently warming in microwave


Spoon finished syllabub into your favorite glassware, or make lots of stunning servings use shot glasses


Top with a dollop of Gooseberry with Elderflower Jam straight from the jar, zest of lemon ~ and Enjoy!


Syllabub is also amazing with our Black Currant with Wild Mint, and Strawberry with Wild Rose, Jams. We love serving a stunning trio of syllabub jam flavors in small shot glasses!

English Syllabub with Gooseberry Jam Swirl

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