Gooseberry Jam Shortbread Crumb Bars

Gooseberry Jam Shortbread Crumb Bars

A beautiful balance of sweet, tart and buttery deliciousness PLUS super simple ingredients and quick prep time.

Serving Size: Serves 12 bars

½ cup Cabot Butter

¼ cup caster sugar

1 egg

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2.5 cup King Arthur Flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

Confectioners sugar for dusting

Blake Hill’s Gooseberry & Wild Elderflower Jam



Preheat oven to 350 degrees; fully coat 9x9 inch baking pan with butter


With a mixer, combine butter and sugar until whipped, then add vanilla, egg and oil


In separate bowl, use spoon to combine baking powder and flour


Add 2 cups of the flour/baking powder mix to the whipped butter mix and create dough by combining with your hands


Take ⅔ of dough and spread edge to edge on the baking tray; prick dough with fork to prevent bubbles while baking


Spread 1 jar (or more) of Blake Hill’s Gooseberry & Wild Elderflower Jam over the entire dough on baking sheet


Take remaining dough and flour mix, and combine to make a crumb like texture


Sprinkle crumb topping over the Jam on baking sheet


Baked for 20 minutes or until the top is lightly golden brown


Let stand for 10 minutes then run a butter knife along inside edges of baking sheet to ensure jam is not sticking


Dust top with confectioners sugar before cutting


Wait a full 30 minutes to cut, trust us, it’s worth the wait - Enjoy!

Gooseberry Jam Shortbread Crumb Bars

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