Sweet, Spiced & Bloomy Cheese Board

Rich, complimentary flavors come together to showcase how dessert can be sophisticated without much effort. Our Raspberry Mostarda and Jasper Hill Farm’s Harbison are the two starring ingredients - highlighting the sweetness of raspberries, the tangy, spiced flavor of dijon mustard with red pepper, and the soft texture of bloomy rind cheese. The board’s sweet and salty elements add texture and interest to round out the board’s flavor profile. The next time you’re thinking of what to serve for house guests, assemble this board and watch the grin on their faces.

Blake Hill Raspberry Mostarda

Jasper Hill Farm Harbison

Effie’s Homemade Cocoa Biscuits

Brooklyn Cured Tuscan Red Wine Beef Salami

Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate Bar


shelled pistachios

green grapes



Cut and remove the top half of cheese.


Place cheese on board with serving knife.


Place jam jar or small jam bowl on board. Spoon jam into bowl, if needed.


Break chocolate bar into bite-sized pieces.


Display biscuits, chocolate, pretzels, pistachios, salami, and grapes on board.


Garnish board with a few assembled bites, serve and Enjoy!


Perfect Bite: Grab a Cocoa Biscuit, top it with Harbison, Raspberry Mostarda Jam, crushed pistachio and shaved chocolate!

Sweet, Spiced & Bloomy Cheese Board

Suggested Jams