Spiced Plum & Bayley Hazen Cheese Board

Decadent and diverse, this cheese board will whip you into a blue cheese frenzy. An assortment of artisan items greet you from this compelling board - our luscious Spiced Plum with Port, Jasper Hill Farm’s fudge-like Bayley Hazen Blue, and sweet and salty bites of Small Batch Organics, just to name a few.

Serving Size: 1 cheese board

Blake Hill’s Spiced Plum with Port

Jasper Hill Farm Bayley Hazen Blue

Effie's Homemade Cocoa Biscuits

Small Batch Organics Sea Salt Granola Bark

Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind Apple Pie Maple Almonds

Runamok Knotweed Raw Honey

Deep River Snacks Original Sea Salt Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

fresh sage



Cut cheese into a few wedges, then whip the rest with a bit of honey for a spreadable dip!


Place cheese on board (we used a square slate board from JK Adams).


Place jam jar or small jam bowl on board. Spoon jam into bowl, if needed.


Pour honey into a tiny bowl and set on board.


Display biscuits, granola bark, and spiced almonds on board.


Garnish board with potato chips and sage, serve and Enjoy!

Spiced Plum & Bayley Hazen Cheese Board

Suggested Jams