Baked Harbison with Raspberry Mostarda

Baked Harbison with Raspberry Mostarda

A favorite party treat!  Simply prepare the wrapped cheese ahead of time and bake just before serving - enjoy your guests’ gasps as they cut into the puff pastry and see this stunning cheese oozing out!

Serving Size: Serves 8-10

1 wheel Harbison cheese by Jasper Hill

1 sheet refrigerated puff pastry

1 egg yolk

Blake Hill’s Raspberry Mostarda



Preheat oven to 375°F


Place puff pastry sheet on parchment lined sheet tray, remove spruce bark wrap from around Harbison and place cheese atop pastry


Spread 1/4 jar Blake Hill's Raspberry Mostarda over Harbison, then fold pastry over the top, wrapping entire cheese and cut off any excess dough


Beat egg yolk with1 Tbsp water and brush pastry top


Bake pastry for 20 minutes until golden and flaky


Remove from oven and serve while warm so Harbison cheese seeps out ~ and Enjoy!


We love serving this dessert with crunch cocoa biscuits or butter shortbread!


Also try this recipe with Baked Bayley Hazen Blue, our Spiced Plum Jam and a hint of black pepper for a savory twist ~ So Good!

Baked Harbison with Raspberry Mostarda

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