Jasper Hill Farm Grazing Table

Jasper Hill Farm Grazing Table

Grazing done EPICLY! We created the ultimate cheese and jam tasting experience for our annual team party this year with our Jasper Hill Farm bespoke pairings.

Serving Size: 1 epic grazing table

Cheese - Jasper Hill’s Bayley Hazen Blue, Cabot Clothbound, Harbison, Oma, & Alpha Tolman

Crackers, Biscuits, Cookies - Effies Cocoa Biscuits, Douglas Sweets Shortbreads, Castleton Rosemary Crackers, Jan's Farmhouse Cranberries Crisps, Bread Sticks, Beet Chips

Red Hen Seeded Baguette

Salumi Red Wine & Garlic Salami

Hellenic Fig Salami - Pistachio Pepper

Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate

Fresh fruits - mandarins, pomegranate, pear, black grapes, green olives, cherry tomatoes, golden berries, blackberries

Dried/Candied fruits - figs, cranberries, oranges

Veggies - radish, pickles

Nuts - candied walnuts, pecans

Herbs - rosemary, sage

Jam - Blake Hill’s Spiced Plum w Port, Orange w 10yr Single Malt, Raspberry Mostarda, Apricot With Orange & Honey, & Savory Onion Confit



Add boards, crates, cake stands, bowls, etc to start building grazing table. We build 5 boards, each featuring a jam and cheese pairing.


Time to slice... start with the baguette


Prep fruits and veggies, cut into desired shapes or leave whole for decoration


Cut cheeses and salamis into desired shapes and sizes


Place cheese slices and jam jars on boards


Fill table with the rest of the ingredients, have fun, there is no wrong way!


Invite everyone you know over to help you Enjoy!

Jasper Hill Farm Grazing Table

Suggested Jams