Seville Orange Marmalade

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Order today and stock up on our award winning Seville Orange Marmalade which is only made once a year based on this unique citrus' limited growing season.

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Heralding from 12th century Seville Spain, this quintessential orange for marmalade has unique bitter flavors and lots of natural citrus oils that make it the most sought after marmalade for connoisseurs. 

Brimming with elegant hand-cut rinds for a marmalade of character, Blake Hill's Seville Orange marmalade is the first and only US-made Seville Orange marmalade to win Gold at The World Marmalade Awards!

A perfect pairing for Spanish manchego cheese or aged Gouda, also a delicious glaze for roast duck, and a wonderful filling for vanilla sponge cakes.  Check our Cooking with Jam recipe series for "British Seville Orange Marmalade Cake" and many other unique recipes that showcase how to make simple dishes special with a jar of Blake Hill marmalade!


One of our Fine Marmalades

Our quintessential marmalades are incredibly bright, with a vibrant taste and flavorful hand cut rinds. Using the finest citrus, our award-winning marmalades embody both sweet and bitter notes of fresh citrus, providing a more sophisticated flavor for the connoisseur.


Fresh Seville Oranges (seville oranges, water to blanche oranges), cane sugar (10oz)