Fire-Roasted Brie Crostini with Strawberry & Rose

Fire-Roasted Brie Crostini with Strawberry & Rose

Four simple ingredients and just a brief moment creates an elegant appetizer that pairs beautifully with acidic wines like Sauvignon Blanc or Sancerre.

Serving Size: 6 to 8 appetizers

French baguette

Soft, bloomy rind cheese, e.g. Brie, Camembert (we used Lillé by Vermont Farmstead)

Olive oil or butter

Chives or micro greens for garnish

Blake Hill’s Wild Rose infused Strawberry Jam



Cut the baguette at an angle into ¼” thick pieces


Lightly brush the each baguette slice with butter or olive oil


Toast baguette slice into a crostini by holding over an open flame until it slightly chars, then let cool


Generously spread cheese over toasted crostini


Spread Blake Hill’s Strawberry with Wild Rose Jam over the cheese


Garnish with a single stem of chives or micro greens and Enjoy!


Crostinis are also fun served as a trio of sweet, savory, & spicy options and complimentary cheese. Try our French Onion & Rosemary Jam with Gruyere, and Jalapeno & Lime Chili Jam with crumbled goat cheese ~ So good!

Fire-Roasted Brie Crostini with Strawberry & Rose

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