Savory Jam & Raw Milk Cheese Board

Whether enjoyed as a no-cook picnic lunch or a pleasing appetizer at your next dinner party, this sophisticated cheese board suits any occasion. This board features Consider Bardwell Farm’s raw milk cheeses alongside two of Blake Hill’s versatile cheese-pairing jams. We add Vermont Salumi’s cured meats, Rustic Bakery’s handmade goods, and fragrant rosemary to give this board a complete touch. 

Serving Size: 1 cheese board

Blake Hill's French Onion and Caramelized Fig with Pear & Honey Jams

Consider Bardwell Farm Pawlet & Rupert Cheeses

Vermont Salumi Red Wine & Garlic Salami & Capocollo

Rustic Bakery Sourdough Flatbreads & Artisan Crisps

fresh rosemary



Cut cheese into desired shapes and sizes.


Thinly slice salami.


Place cheese on board (we used a round board from JK Adams).


Place jam jars or small jam bowls on board. Spoon jam into bowls, if needed.


Display meats, flatbreads, and crisps on board.


Garnish board with fresh rosemary, serve and Enjoy!

Savory Jam & Raw Milk Cheese Board

Suggested Jams