Wild Blueberry with Thyme & Ashbrook Cheese Board

Whether you are feeling mature or in need of a grown-up boost, this cheese board has got you covered. As one of Blake Hill’s cheese pairing preserves, Wild Blueberry with Thyme is one of the main elements - showcasing the sweetness of Maine blueberries and the grassy aromatic notes of thyme. Along with Spring Brook Farm’s semi-soft, raw milk cheese, both jam and cheese are quietly prominent. Polished, down-to-earth ingredients - like old world cured meat, crunchy bakery crisps, and fresh beets - provide a necessary rounding to the board’s palate.

Serving Size: 1 cheese board

Blake Hill’s Wild Blueberry with Thyme

Spring Brook Farm Ashbrook

Vermont Salumi Bresaola

Rustic Bakery Artisan Crisps

beets, roasted


taralli crackers

fresh thyme



Cut cheese into differently sized wedges and place on board with cheese round.


Set jam jar or small jam bowl on board. Spoon jam into bowl, if needed.


Cut beets into bite-sized pieces, place in small bowl, and set on board.


Place small bowl of cornichons on board.


Display cured meat, crisps, and cracker twists on board.


Garnish board with thyme, serve and Enjoy!

Wild Blueberry with Thyme & Ashbrook Cheese Board

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