Peach Ginger Preserve

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The aroma of summer peaches - naturally sweet and deliciously floral - waft from the jar as soon as you pop it open. This is a classic peach jam with a hint of ginger - absolutely delicious.

Bright and fruity, this jam is a perfect accompaniment for roast salmon and creamy crème brûlée. Check our Cooking with Jam recipe series for "Fennel Arugula Salad with Peach Ginger Preserve" and "Cornish Hens with Peach Ginger Mustard Glaze", just two of over 100 unique recipes that showcase how a simple dish becomes special with a jar of Blake Hill jam! 

One of our Artisan Preserves

Combining quintessential jam fruits and our award-winning preserve making skills, these jams may well come close to being as good as you remember your grandmother’s being, although we do not expect anyone to admit it:)


Peaches, cane sugar, lemon juice concentrate, ginger, fruit pectin (10oz)